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Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway Graphics

Big E Productions, LLC is working on a large graphic arts project with the P&WV Technical and Historical Interest Group. Part of the project involves digitally redrawing to full scale all the logos and graphics of the old Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway. Stencils didn't last very long and each was hand made, hence there were many variations. When completed, this will be a fairly comprehensive library.

Below you'll find some samples of the more interesting parts of this project.

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Click the links below to view samples. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view the PDF files.

Color Chart

Color Chart PDF file for download. Latest update 06/26/2014. Color chart for prototype, printing and modeling. As more data is revealed through research, we'll expand or correct the chart as needed.

Circular Herald & Logos

Circular LogosThe circular herald was introduced in 1939. There were four different basic designs with many variations especially when it came to application on rolling stock.

"New Image" Herald

Block Lettering LogoThese heralds appeared in 1960 and remained in use on hoppers and boxcars until the road was leased by N&W in 1964.


SlogansIn the '50s and '60s, as with many roads, marketing slogans were applied to the sides of cars to act as rolling billboards.

Reporting Marks and Data Lettering

LetteringSamples of a few of the various lettering styles used on P&WV equipment.

Graphics Sets

We have scalable vector graphics sets for many pieces of P&WV rolling stock and locomotives with some in progress and more in the pipeline. The artwork is suitable for everything from scale decals to model production runs to the real thing. Please contact us for more information.